This film is terrific. The speakers have described brilliantly the phenomenology of resentment. They have depicted it as a self-destructive passion that vitiates social relations by generating rage and hatred. This resentment erodes human relations and compromises the possibility of amending the causes that generate it…A brilliant moral and psychological analysis.

Nadia Urbinati

Professor of Political Theory, Columbia University

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It is a too rare event to find philosophical reflection targeted on a topic of central contemporary importance offered in a popular and accessible form. The Toxic Reigns of Resentment is a compelling demonstration of what public philosophy can be. Arranged as an oblique series of conversations and arguments, the documentary powerfully displays the complexity of the concept of resentment in relation to diagnoses of contemporary political culture. It is hard to imagine how this could have been done better.

J.M. Bernstein

Professor of Philosophy, New School for Social Research

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